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100 Most Recent Map Changesets

The data has been retrieved from this URL (XML), using the External Data MediaWiki extension.

It shows the most recent 100 changesets on the Rahet database, backward from time of query. Because the "query" is cached on the server, the server-side cache needs to be purged to get most up-to-the-second results. To purge the cache, use the "Refresh" link, below.

Changesets Refresh

Error while fetching data from URL https://rahet.rent-a-planet.com/api/0.6/changesets: $2.
HTTP request timed out.
There was a problem during the HTTP request: 0 Error
Could not get URL https://rahet.rent-a-planet.com/api/0.6/changesets after 3 tries.

Changeset ID User ID User Name Date and Time (UTC)