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Hi, I'm Luciano (AKA "geofictician", AKA Jared Way IRL). I'm the owner of the rent-a-planet.com and geofictician.net domains, and I'm the designer and administrator for those websites. Both of these sites are dedicated to my geofiction activities, but rent-a-planet.com is more about the technical and hosting side of my projects, while geofictician.net is more about the creative aspect.

As my main project, I currently host opengeofiction.net (an imaginary planet) and serve as one of several volunteer administrators on that site.

On the rent-a-planet.com domain, I host several other imaginary planets modeled on the opengeofiction.net precedent (i.e. using the "OSM software stack"), which was pioneered by Thilo Stapf in 2012. I have written some details on the technical implementation, on this wiki, under the title HRATE.

On the geofictician.net domain, I host an irregular blog about my geofiction activities.